large areas of high purity color or a large area of high purity color

Children in children’s transition to the adult, complex personality, makes the design of children’s shoes is difficult, design too innocent, children and their parents could not accept, and adult modelling but also seem to be some serious and mature. Thus, when designers in the design and development of young children’s shoes, to carefully observe, analyze, research children’s psychological needs and aesthetic preferences,  nike free run 5.0 running shoes grasp the sense of lively and sedate in the design sense of scale. 1.Form design because children’s foot is not yet mature and, therefore, the shoes they wear head-shape cannot be too thin, thin, shoe heel is not to expect too much. Children’s shoes-head (the last head-shape) and structural model can be used on adult head shape and much of the structure model of the shoe or exaggerations on both fronts as appropriate. Children’s upper part design can change

more, bigger, making adult-style look lively and vivid. 13-16 children between the ages of gender consciousness, their shoes boots shapes also showed gender differences, girls shoes and boots shape pretty, vivacious; boys want to wear footwear style can bring out the sense of maturity, power and vigor, form styling elements can play an important role in this regard. Designers of shoe head, structural style, parts modeling, styling, etc at the end  nike free run 3 womens running shoes  of, and from footwear first morphological modeling on their pursuit of footwear styles. 2. adolescents of color design shoes for colour design depending on the shoe depending on the category, sports shoes, sneakers, and sandals can be rich, bright colors, and dress shoes to calm. Boy dress shoes will not be used on large areas of high purity color or a large area of high purity color combinations, so too jumps and simple. Under normal

circumstances, high-purity colors used in sports shoes, sneakers and sandals. When young children’s shoes style structure more stable, and designers are available through color changes, making shoe styles look lively. Pink, powder blue, green, yellow and pink color color series was teenage love, designers should enhance colours such as application in girls shoes. 3.Material design is still in a stage of physiological development of children, and materials used in young children’s shoes should be chosen better moisture absorption and permeability of natural materials, such as genuine leather, cotton, linen, etc, to make young children’s shoes showed more energy and a sense of individuality, sports, leisure class of juvenile children’s shoes you can use some special effects of synthetic leather. 4. Design teenage boys no longer generally use cartoon pattern on the shoe, which


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