early humans invented clothing–are mostly preserved animal

are more likely to cause accidents. Selected for a good pair of dress shoes to children, you can refer to four steps: choose feet, shoes, footwear, foot inspection. Moms how to select the right shoes for the children, then? small series includes the following articles must be aware of: 1. Pay attention to choose a nice soft, the right size. Too large do not fit, not followed. Too little affect the growth and development of young children, caused  air jordan 6 retro uk foot pain, foot pain, foot deformation, forming malformations. 2. new style, bright colors, simple structure, less surface decoration materials of shoes, dominated by security. Children are very sensitive to new things, and used the hand to grasp, or by mouth to bite, so try not to buy metal decorations for children’s shoes, so that children are curious about danger. 3. Select easy to put on shoes. 4. bottom of the shoe to have toughness, elasticity is

better is to avoid undermining the child foot deformation. 5. Breathability of the shoe better, best choice mainly cloth shoes or leather shoes. Have you ever thought about the origin of the shoes, man’s earliest shoes were like? Recourse to this problem must be traced back to tens of thousands of years ago. In the distant coast of South Africa, away from the India Ocean, not far from the mouth of the kelaxisi River, is covered with countless  air jordan 4 retro uk caves, it is reported that there were homosapienssapiens(The Latin word meaning “double Homo sapiens”), the first community. In order to adapt to the harsh environment, early humans invented clothing–are mostly preserved animal skins. In order to protect the soles, they came up with the most simple and quick way, that is, a hand grabbed nothing (spreading bark, large leaves, perhaps there are bunches of grass), tied with cane or

tough grass under their feet. The early “shoes” may not be very beautiful, but very practical. After a long experiment, invented the “Sandals”. This is the artificial production of the oldest footwear, it basically comes in two forms: one is based on Palm, papyrus or weed knitting and fiber rings that fit over the toes. From North America, history of the kelamasi Indians, early cave men there, these shoes can be found everywhere. Early second form of sandal is a cut off a piece of leather from processed along an edge, drilling holes in the top, then put on a belt, belt-tightens like a rope, to pull the shoes in place. Peru PA Chuck Carmack in the high mountains and deep valleys of the Andes, was unearthed in a Mummy’s Tomb in this most ancient of sandals. It is estimated that this sandal has thousands of years of history, its production materials used a llama skin. Apart how the


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